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Stampin' Up! Snowmen Families!

Hey there! Today I want to share with you a couple of my favorite Christmas decorations. Both sets of these were created by my daughter, Alisa, and hold places of honor in our home every Christmas!

First, this glass jar snowmen family has been growing little by little ever since Alisa was in grade school. A room mother showed the 6th grade class how to make these with a glass jar, a tube sock, stuffing, and bits of fabric. Alisa started making these to represent each member of our family; as siblings marry and babies are born she creates another snowman to add to the family. Some of the snowmen have "grown"; as the tiniest snowmen grow they will be replaced with a slightly larger version of themselves. We've even had "babes-in-arms" snowbabies!


I added a special shelf this year to display this tiny snowmen family, also created by Alisa. With 7 grandchildren under the age of 7, the only way these little guys, formed with Sculpy Clay and baked in the oven, have a chance of survival is if they are kept out of reach! lol!


First, Mark & I:


Then Jessica's family: Johnny, Jessica, Maddie Kate, Ava, Cohen, and Jaxon:


Kimberly's group: Tony, Kimberly, Liam, and Darcy:


Alisa's bunch: Cody, Alisa, Oakley, Lando, & Ivory (baby Cyndal's snowbaby will be added by Christmas Day!)


"The boys": Troy, Logan, and Ben. (Grace will be added with Troy next Christmas!)


Considering how tiny these are (the tallest is only 1 1/2 inches high), the attention to detail is amazing!

Cohen's "newsboy" hat:


Ben's long stocking cap:


Darcy's pink peppermint stripes!


This little family will keep growing as we do! I love it!

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