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Stampin' Up! Dave and Laura, An Owl Anniversary!

Hey there! Today I have a card for you AND a story!

Once upon a time there was a guy named Dave on a ship bound for Dubai. On the 6th of March would be his 5th wedding anniversary with his wife, Laura. Laura was at home in Chicago, IL. Dave wanted to surprise Laura and make their day special.

What was Dave to do?

Like all other MEN in today's world, Dave went to Pinterest!

On Pinterest Dave found OWL cards, LOTS of cards made with owls. Even owls made with the Owl Builder Punch from Stampin' Up!

What did Dave do?

Dave found THIS card:

Owl anniversary

Dave followed the link on Pinterest until he found my blog. On my blog he found my email contact information.

Dave's email:


I saw one of your cards online today, the "Owl Anniversary" card, and I was wondering if it is for sale. My 5th wedding anniversary is coming up and my wife loves owls. Also the colors match our weddings colors. 
I responded to Dave's email and then he responded:

"I live in Chicago and our anniversary is March 6th. Is it possible that you could write a short message in the card for me? Something simple along the lines of "Happy 5th Anniversary, Love Dave." I work on a ship and I am currently on my way to Dubai so I can't actually sign a card but I know she would love this. I saw from the picture on your blog there was an envelope with a green leaf on it as well. Could you write, "Laura" on the front of that envelope then mail that inside a USPS, UPS, etc envelope?"

How could I ever turn this sweet hubby down? I re-created the card using current and some retired Stampin' Up! products, then mailed the card to Laura in time for it to arrive for their anniversary:


I mailed it inside a manila envelope inside a Priority mailer so it would be more of a surprise (and so the leaf decorating the outside of the envelope would not get caught in the machines at the P.O.)


Instead of "Happy Anniversary" I used "happy together" from A Dozen Thoughts since it was an card from a husband to his wife.


I checked in with Dave after the date had passed, and he reported Laura received the card on time and loved it! yay!

So there's the story. I felt so honored that of all the cards on Pinterest, Dave chose my card to commission to be sent to his wife.

Pretty amazing, isn't it?

I also want to thank Dave for giving me permission to tell his story here and for allowing me the opportunity to help make his wedding anniversary a little more special for his wife.

It's times like this that make me so glad I'm a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, and makes the hours I spend creating and posting my cards here and on Pinterest, all the more rewarding.

Snail mail. It's not a thing of the past. At least not yet!

That's all for now. Until tomorrow, have a Stampingrox! day!

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Carol Carriveau

Wow!,! A fabulous story....and think you may have a new customer! Someone else may not have responded as fast or as well as you did...hugs to you!


Awesome story!

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