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NSR:Ava and Easter Egg Wreaths!

Hey there! How did you like the blog hop this month? I thought everyone's projects were awesome! On Friday I will have a little tutorial for you of how to make the kite, but today I have a non-stamping post about my granddaughter, Ava!

Here's the story. Last year in May I invited Ava to spend the night with me after Maddie Kate's birthday party. Maddie was having a slumber party and we decided Ava would probably have more "fun" if she spent the night with me than being the odd-man-out with Maddie and her friends. So Ava came home with me and we made plans to go get manicures and pedicures the next day. During the night I started running a fever and by the next morning I had to send her home because I was sick with what turned out to be a 3-4 week battle with a bad sinus infection.

Roll forward to a few weeks ago. I had a free weekend (no stamping events planned) and on Thursday I started thinking about having Ava spend the night with me. I was in Walmart when I thought about it, checked with Jessica and found out it would be ok for Ava to spend the next night (Friday). I purchased supplies for a craft project for she & I to make while we were together before I went home. Before I went to bed that night, however, I started running a fever, and it turned out we had to postpone Ava spending the night again! I couldn't believe it! Ava ended up having a friend spend the night with her so she wasn't too terribly disappointed with me having to cancel.

Since I had bought all of the stuff to make an Easter project with Ava, and I didn't want have to store it until next year, a couple of Sunday's ago Ava came home with me after church and we made these:

Ava's wreath 2

We cut craft netting into long strips to wrap around a flat wreath form, hot gluing it to the form and to  itself. We cut, folded, and twisted smaller strips to create the "poofs", hot-gluing them to the wreath as well. We finished off by hot-gluing the eggs to the wreath. We also found it was a good idea to put a bit of hot-glue inside the eggs right along the joining seam to keep them from popping apart before we glued them to the wreath.

Avas wreath 3

We both made a wreath, so we learned a lot as we went along. The second one (Ava's) went much faster than the first one (mine)!

I manned the glue gun and Ava made all the "poof" and  egg-placement decisions!

Ava's wreath
While we were working on our wreaths I told Ava about my Grandma Mabel. I only had one grandma when I was growing up, because all the rest of my grandparents had passed away before I was born. My Grandma had a lot of grandchildren, but she always found a way to make each one of us feel like we were her favorite. I've always hoped that I could do the same for my grandchildren. One time when I was staying with my Grandma after my mom passed away, she made candles. We used  empty 1/2 gallon milk cartons for the molds and string tied to a stick laid over the top of the carton for the wick. It was a very simple (and not especially pretty) craft, but it was special to me because my Grandma WANTED to do it with me.

We still haven't managed to have Ava spend the night, but one of these days we will!

That's all for today. I just wanted to share with you how I'm trying to follow in my Grandma's footsteps. That makes me (and hopefully my grandchildren) very happy!

Until tomorrow, have a Stampingrox! day!



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