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Merry Christmas!

Hey there! Merry Christmas! We have been having a blast at our house since Christmas Eve eve when everyone arrived to spend the next three nights! It's already Christmas, but I wanted to share with you a Christmas tradition that has been growing at our house for several years:

Payne family snowmen family 1

It's our family, created in miniature with Sculpey Clay, by my daughter Alisa! She started creating these teeny-tiny little Payne Clan snowpeople several years ago, adding more little ones as our family grows.

She started with Mark & I:

Payne family mark and carol

Then Jessica, Johnny, Maddie Kate, Ava, Cohen, and Jaxon:

Payne family hollis

Kimberly, Tony, and Liam:

Payne family kimmy tony liam (I have absolutely NO IDEA how their picture ended up so tiny, sorry!)

Troy, Logan, and Ben:

Payne family troy logan ben

and finally, Alisa, Cody, and Oakley:

Payne family hillers

None of these are much more than an inch tall, so they are all little masterpieces! Alisa carefully packs them away in a paper egg carton each year so they don't get lost or mangled.

As time goes on and the boys get married, she will make little snowwomen for their wives and more little snowbabies.

I love when they come out each year and miss them when they go away.

Well, the gifts are all under the tree and the stockings are filled, so I'd better head to bed too.

Have a Merry Christmas. Hope your day Stampingrox!



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Carol Carriveau

How wonderfully fabulous! Obviously your daughter is very talented....I don't blame you for missing them...there are soooo sweet! TFS these awesome little snow people! Am sure your Christmas was wonderful!

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