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More Hello Blossoms!

Just a quick post this morning, lots going on and lots to do!

Shelli showed us several projects using the "Hello Blossoms" single stamp from the Summer Mini, and I've shown you a few of them already, but this one is probably my favorite! It uses one of our Notecards, which come 20 in a package with matching envelopes. Smaller than an A2 card, they are still mailable with standard postage!

Hello blossoms notecard

I'm off to get a LOOOONG list of things done today before the final night of VBS!

Until tomorrow, have a "Stampingrox!" day!


More New Friends!

As much as I love spending time with old friends, I do enjoy making new ones! Our table at the 6 p.m. dining time this year turned out to be really fun new friends for Kimberly and I!

Our table
l to r: Deke & Meg Wheeler (old friends), me & Kimberly, Chris & Mandy Grant, and Pliny & Linda Hunt!

Meg is my coaching buddy and dear friend. Even though we live 6 hours apart, we talk every week, sometimes several times, and help each other out with our Stampin' Up! businesses.

Chris & Mandy are new friends. I'd visited Mandy's blog before and was impressed & inspired by her work. I am so glad I now can say she is my friend!

Mandy and chris

Pliny (pronounced PL-I-NY with the long "I") and Linda are new friends we instantly fell in love with. They are from Massachussets, but we would love to visit them sometime! We found we had loads to talk about, and not just stampin' stuff!

Linda and pliny

On the last night we all ate together, our waiter surprised our table with an extra dessert, chocolate souffle's! Chocolate souffle' had been a dessert choice earlier in the week, Kimberly loved it and had mentioned to our waiter how excellent it was. "Alit" took it upon himself to treat us to an extra chocolate souffle'. Even though we were all stuffed after the traditional "March of the Baked Alasksa" dessert, we ate our souffle' with gusto! Pliny is even trying to help himself to Kimberly's share!

Souffles for everyone

I'm looking forward to seeing Meg, Mandy, and Linda in just a few short weeks at the Stampin' Up! Convention!

Well, I can't leave you today without showing you something fun and stamp-y, can I"

Hello blossoms box

This is actually the #2 Box Die embellished by Shelli Gardner with the Hello Blossoms set! REALLY SUPER CUTE!!!!!!

Gotta go, Logan just called and asked me to make him some lunch in between his summer class and going to him summer intern job! Until tomorrow, have a "Stampingrox!" day!

We saw a bear!

Another fun thing that happened on our trip up the White Pass Trail by bus was we got to see a real live bear!


He wasn't a very big bear, probably a half-grown cub from last year, but he was a black bear our bus driver told us. This little guy was right beside the edge of the road foraging for food. Our bus stopped right beside him so we could take pictures of him and he continued to eat and look around as if we weren't even there! So sorry this picture is blurry, it was pretty cold outside so the window were cold and so my breath kept fogging it up! But we were excited, especially since earlier in the trip someone had asked the driver if we would see any bears and he wasn't too hopeful about it at all!

It just so happens I participated in a 6x6 Alaskan Cruise scrapbook page swap before the cruise and this was my page made with punches and the "Plant Hope" & "Word Play" stamp sets! I gave this one to Stampin' Up! and they put it on display in the Hospitality Room along with all the other swaps!

Grizzly bears 6x6 swap

So there you are! More VBS tonight, so I have lots to do, as well as prepare for the Medallion Tile Class this weekend AND a yard sale at my house! I'm getting tired just thinking about it!

Until tomorrow, have a "Stampingrox!" day!

Panning for Gold!

I never thought I would actually get to pan for gold, and actually find some! Well, it was tiny, just a couple of flakes, but fun none-the-less! Thank you again, Stampin' Up! for making a dream come true!


Our "gold panning" was part of our excursion up the White Trail Pass by motorcoach and Narrow-Gauge Railway! We took the motorcoach up to the top of the pass, through the Canadian border, and then boarded the train for the ride back down. Before we got to the top, though, we stopped at "Liarsville", which was a depiction of how the mining camps might have been like back then. We saw fun, short, musical presentation, then we were each given a pan of dirt and rocks and shown how to pan for the gold that was "guaranteed" to be in it! We were told to expect to find at least 2-4 flakes of gold, and flakes they surely were! Here's one of mine!

There it is
Tiny, isn't it? I have my TWO WHOLE FLAKES in a little jeweler's baggie!

Today's card is another from the Hospitality room! This beautiful tulip is made with the Owl Punch! So clever!

Owl punch tulips

I've got lots of little errands to run today, and tonight I'm helping Kimberly teach the 4th-5th graders at VBS, so I've gotta run!

Until tomorrow, have a "Stampingrox!" day!

Dinner With New Friends!

Another thing I love about the Stampin' Up! Cruise is meeting new people and making new friends! After 7 Incentive Trips, 7 Conventions, and two Founder's Circle Retreats, I have made alot of new friends! About a month before Alaska I received an invitation:

Pam morgan invite

I was thrilled to receive such a gorgeous invite, and was even more thrilled to find out that I had been invited, along with two other fellow demos, to dine with Pam Morgan, Vice President of Demonstrator Training, and her husband, Chris! We had a wonderful meal, got to know everyone at the table a little bit, and even had our brains picked by Pam for ideas that have been working well in our business!

The invite was made using a little Sneak Peek from the upcoming 2011-2012 Idea Book & Catalog, 3/8" Ruffled Ribbon! Colors used are Old Olive, Pacific Point, and Whisper White!

Here we all are:

Pam morgan

Thank you, Stampin' Up! for a wonderful trip and giving me the opportunity to spend an few hours with this fantastic group of people!

Now I must go get everything ready for my meeting tonight of my downline, the "Yes, Ma'am's!"

Hope you have a "Stampingrox!" day!

Icebergs and Glaciers!

One of the highlights of the Alaska Cruise this year was the morning we sailed up Tracy Arm Fjord to view the glacier at it's head. I never in a million years thought I would ever be able to look out my balcony window and see icebergs floating by, but here they are!

Chunks of BLUE ice! The view was gorgeous, with the trees, the sheer rocks towering over the boat, and the low clouds! We saw probably hundreds of waterfalls, and by the time we got through the fjord (with the boat making "S" turns to get there!) the water was littered with small & large icebergs and we saw this:

Truly a cathedral made by God's own hand! This picture doesn't even begin to do justice to how breathtaking it was. I felt like I was in church.

It took us two hours to sail up the fjord and two hours back before we headed on to Juneau. This part of our jouney started at 6 a.m., so when we headed back down the fjord, Kimberly and I had breakfast and then went back to bed for a few hours!

Here's another cute card from the Hospitality Room using the Summer Mini set, Best Dad Ever!

Best dad ever

I'm all ready for my Punch Club Class tonight, so I am taking a little down time today to go play with my grandkids in their pool! Summer is here!

Until tomorrow, have a "Stampingrox!" day!

Me on Santa's Knee!

While we were in Ketchikan, Alaska, besides ziplining we shopped! Our FAV store was the "Christmas in Alaska" store, I think we went there 3 or 4 times in the one short day we were there! Nothing puts me in the Christmas mood more than crisp cool air, pine trees, and snow-capped mountains in the background! I was ready to come home and put up my tree after Ketchikan! Alas, I came home to 80 + degree, humid weather, so I guess I'll have to wait awhile!

I loved choosing some new ornaments for myself and my family, but my favorite part by far was that SANTA was in the house! A real, honest-to-goodness, authentic, SANTA! Mark & I raised our brood to know that the real meaning of Christmas is the Birth of Jesus, but somehow they always believed in Santa just a little bit for a little while, so when Kimberly & I saw Santa we knew we had to sit on his knee! So here I am, for the first time since I was probably four years old:

Me on Santa's knee
Isn't he just the cutest? And dressed exactly how Santa should look in the off-season! lol!

Here's another swap from the Hospitality Room, made with gorgeous bright colors and the Blossom Bouquet Triple Layer Punch!

Blossom Bouquet Triple Layer

This card perfectly showcases the many options avaialable with just this one punch! I love it! Gotta go, lots of stamping to do! Have a "Stampingrox"day!

I'm back, relaxed & refreshed from Alaska!

Hello there! I'm finally back, after a long absence, I know! I've been extremely busy ever since the end of Sale-a-bration in March, culminating in the Stampin' Up! Alaskan Cruise at the end of May! Now that the trip is over (sigh) and June is here, I want to get back to my little ol' blog and all of you!

To start off, here's a pic of me & my daughter, Kimberly, on our zip-line RAINFOREST CANOPY excursion!

Alaska 2011 085
Those of you who know me even slightly, know I am very cold-natured, which made me a little worried about this adventure. I even forgot to pack a suitable coat to zip-line in, I guess I was just thinking of staying on the ship the whole time! But after a visit to one of the ship's many shops, I was oufitted in a cozy jacket, hat & gloves, which is why my helmet looks so dorkily perched on top of my head!

We had a blast, though, zipping on 7 lines 135 feet above the ground, landing on platforms that had NO RAILS! We also traversed 3 suspension bridges, and saw a bald eagle! Who would have ever thought there woud be a rainforest in Alaska? Apparently temperature has nothing to do with it, it's the amount of rain they get that makes it rainforest-y! In case you are concerned about the DANGER factor here, as you can see our entire body is harnessed, and the harness was attached at all times to strong cables! Even if you did lose your grip or fall the worst you would do would be dangle! lol!

I can't leave you today without showing you one card! I took a picture of this one in the Stampin' Up! Hospitality Room on the ship. It uses the Summer Mini set, Hello Blossoms, and a technique called Faux Suede! I hope to give you a little tutorial on this one soon!

Razzleberry hello Blossoms


Oh, and I can't forget to give you the Retiring Lists that posted on the Stampin' Up! Website today, now can I?

Download LastChanceStamps_0611_US

Download Availability_en-US

Download Definitely Decorative Last Chance 2011

(These lists are only current until June 30th, with the Accessories and the Decor Elements being "while supplies last"! Contact me to order or go to my Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Website:

Until tomorrow, have a "Stampinrox!" day!