Big Shot Daisies Wreath!
O'Christmas Tree Pop-Up Die!

Christmas in August Stamp-a-Stack!

I know I've missed a few days blogging, but we've been VERY busy with the kitchen renovation, and I've been squeezing in stamping for the SAS in between! I'm almost ready, just have one more card worth of preparation to go! I find, however, that I will probably have to go to town tomorrow to buy a new printer. Mine broke off a teeny-tiny piece of plastic as it was jamming up the other day, and now it won't pull through paper at all, it just eats it! Seems like I go through about one printer per year. I just hope I can find a reasonably priced one that still uses the same ink cartridges I already have!

But on to the stamping! I'm going to show you ALL the cards we will be making at my SAS tomorrow night and Saturday:

Sparkly and bright santa

Merry moments ornaments©Stampin'Up!™1990-2009

Jan tink case©Stampin'Up!™1990-2009

Christmas wishes©Stampin'Up!™1990-2009

Well, upon checking my pictures in the computer, I have realized there is one card I didn't take a picture of, a gorgeous case of a swap card I received from Mary Polcin, one of SU!'s top demos every year, and since it is almost midnight, I believe I will make you wait until tomorrow to see it! Dont worry, it's worth the wait, and if you can't wait, you can always come tomorrow evening and make it!

Hope to see you all soon!



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Sandy Fleming


Thank you so much! Due to email problems, I did not get your email (it's all fixed now :O)

Thank you for sharing the colors. I just love this combo!

I love your blog--your have such beautiful cards!

Thank you again!


Carol Payne

Hi there Sandy! I replied to your email a couple of days ago, but apparently you were unable to receive it.The colors of this card are Bordering Blue, Kraft, Naturals White. The snowflakes are stamped in Bordering Blue and Craft White and everything is sponged in Bordering Blue. Thanks for your interest! Keep watching! I have alot more great things to show!Carol

Sandy Fleming

Your Christmas cards are beautiful!

I love the colors of the snowflake Merry Christmas card. What colors did you use? The combination is gorgeous! I can envision using those colors for many different types of cards.


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