A few Christmas card swaps for inspiration!
Christmas in August Stamp-a-Stack!

Big Shot Daisies Wreath!

Wow! What a wonderful day I've had! Everytime I check my email I've found a new "Happy Birthday" wish from a friend on Facebook (I've GOT to get this blog linked up to my Facebook account!), my beloved big brother called to wish me a Happy Birthday (even though I just saw him yesterday at my birthday party!), I received several phone calls, voicemails, and texts wishing me a happy day, and my wonderful hubby both put a second coat of paint on my new kitchen walls while I was away at a stampin' party AND went to town and bought me a Wii for my birthday present! (apparently he doesn't know how thrilled I was he was doing the painting!) My stampin' party was lots of fun too! Someone said, "what are you doing working on your birthday? You should be going out to dinner!" But seriously, I LOVE to stamp, and teaching these girls how to stamp for (some of them) their very first time was such a joy! I spent the entire day yesterday with both my brother & sister (who live 2 1/2 hours away in Decatur, IL) as well as all of my kids & grandkids, so what better way to top off my 50th? And now that I have a Wii to "workout" with, this should be a really great decade!

Enough about the birthday girl, here's what I really want to show you, a wreath I found on one of the convention boards (therefore I have no idea who made it, but it's awesome!)

Big shot daisies wreath

I'm always a sucker for a wreath, and my husband can vouch that I have gobs of Christmas ones up in the attic, but I have a hard time finding one I like for other times of the year. I think this one would really fit the bill! I've already made a trip to Hobby Lobby for a wreath form so I can get my Big Shot going to make this! Would you all be interested in doing this as class? If you would, just leave a comment here or send me an email!

Well, after such a busy birthday, this girl is ready to hit the hay!

I'll stamp more tomorrow!



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