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THE DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday (Monday) was a BIG DAY for our family. at least for the Payne girls! As alot of you know, I have three daughters: Jessica just turned 30 and has three children of her own: Maddie Kate (7), Ava (3), and Cohen (8 months), Kimberly is 27, has been married for 7 years, and is a Junior High math teacher (I can't take any credit for her math skills, they all come from her Daddy!), and Alisa is almost 22, is a "real artist", and works for Jessica in her photography business, Jessica Hollis Photography. (go look at Jessica's blog, Itsasweetcrazylife. The link is on the right of this page) Yesterday the "Payne girls", plus Cohen, went to Fairview Heights to David's Bridal for Alisa to try on wedding dresses in anticipation of her wedding next June. None of us expected her to find "THE dress" yesterday, but WE DID! It is absolutely beautiful, and we knew for sure it was the one when it made both Sweed (our family pet name for Alisa) and me cry! Now I can't show you any pics of "THE DRESS", because that wouldn't be fair to Cody, Alisa's sweet fiance', but I can show you some pics of our fun day! First, here is my pretty girlie! We ate lunch at O'Charley's before we went to David's, which was a good thing, because we ended up spending 3 1/2 hours there!
Alisa It was such a special, fun day! I have now had the privilege of being with all of my daughters when they found "THE DRESS". My mom passed away when I was almost 11 years old, so it has been so precious for me to be with my daughters through so many milestones in their lives!

Next, here are a couple of pics of Cohen at O'Charley's. He had never had a crayon in his chubby little fingers before, and you can tell he really made them fly on the paper! We kept his "pop" in his mouth so he wouldn't eat them!
Cohen at ocharley's

Here's my girl trying on a dress (not THE DRESS)that "didn't even feel like a wedding dress":
Not a wedding dress
Here I am trying to help her see what this dress (not THE DRESS) would look like with more "bustle":
Where are my eyes? I think I need a bang trim! lol!
Jessica & Kimmy tried on bridesmaids dresses:
After trying several, I think we have the bridesmaids dresses narrowed down to two styles, one color!
Cohen kept himself busy with the clips for the back of the dress:
Cohen with dress clips How many baby boys have the patience to go wedding dress shopping with their aunt????? He was good as gold the whole day!
Cohen at davids bridal
By the time we left the store we had ordered Alisa's dress, my dress (no pictures of me, sorry!), and dresses for Maddie Kate & Ava! Now all the bridesmaids have to decide is which style of dress they want to wear from the two styles Alisa has chosen!

After the bridal shop we went to Hobby Lobby (you will be seeing some of the fruits of that excursion in the near future!), hit the mall for a bit, and then Maggie Moos for some fantastic ice cream before heading home. We didn't get to my house until 11 p.m, but all in all it was a fun, memorable day!


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